The 12 Tribes of Israel


I will add following to what Bill Pentecost has written below:

There is another lack of names in Rev.7 – namely Ephraim. God uses the name both on the ten lost tribes and on England. Manasse, Ephraim`s brother, is mentioned. And Joseph, their father also. He is mentioned instead of Ephraim.

I believe that this text gives us the explanation why:

«Ephraim, he has mixed himself among the peoples … Strangers have devoured his strength, and he does not know it.» (Hos.7,8-9.)

Another translation says:

«Ephraim and his aliens make a sorry mixture … Foreigners fed on his strength, but he was unaware.»

What is special to both England and Europe, is exactly the fact that they have «mixed with a lot of foreign peoples, in their own lands.»

Bill Pentecost: There are a lot of messages in the Bible that cursory reading does not reveal. Also in the New Testament. In the listing of the names of the tribes of Israel in Revelation 7, there is a message – namely that the tribe of Dan is absent. Dan means to judge. What are we to judge.? The meaning of the names in the order they are listed.

Two interpretations because of alternate meanings of the names, but both speak of the same thing.


Judah = {I am} thank{ful}

Reuben = {to} see a nation

Gad = assembled,

Asher = Happy

Naphtali = {their} struggle

Manasseh = {was not} forgotten.

Simeon = {Those} hearing and obeying

Levi = {will be} joined

Issachar = {to the} reward

Zebulun = {of My} habitation

Joseph = adding {to the}

Benjamin = Son of the Right Hand


Judah = Praise {God}!

Reuben = See, a nation {which has}

Gad = overcome,

Asher = Happy

Naphtali = {their} struggle

Manasseh = {has been} removed.

Simeon = Hearing {the trumpet},

Levi = {they will be} joined {together}.

Issachar = He will bring {them} a reward:

Zebulun = to dwell with {Me},

Joseph = in addition {to the}

Benjamin = Son of the Right hand


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