Why will the 10 lost tribes some day return to Israel?


In our days the Jews have returned to their homeland after being 2000 years in diaspora. Never in the history has such an event taken place after a period of that length.

The fact that the Jews’ dramatic home-coming is in accordance with biblical prophecies – which were written down more than 3000 years ago – is a case that atheists and also many Christians try to explain away. But the Bible tells this in such a plain way that it is very difficult to ignore it: “When these things have befallen you … the curse of which I have offered you the choice (holocaust) … then the Lord your God will show you compassion and restore your fortunes. He will gather you again from all the countries to which he has scattered you. Even though he were to banish you to the four corners of the world, the Lord your God will gather you from there, from there he will fetch you home.” Deut.30,1-4.

The reason why they got their land back after 2000 years in exile, without doubt is holocaust. Europe’s bad conscience (all European nations were guilty, because all of them knew, but no one intervened) caused them to decide to help the Jews to get their land back. Later England regret, and the nation tried to prevent this. But that was in vain. The Jews gained their ancient land almost without any country giving them a helping hand. The terrible fact is however that the grousom price they had to pay for getting their land back, were the life of 6 millions of their own people.

A fact that is really unknown is that the Bible in just as plain way as it speaks of the Jews’ home-coming, is prophesying of the return of the ten tribes – that disappeared after they were deported to Assyria in year 722 B.C. The Bible in fact both speaks clearly of their journy home and the period in which this takes place.


Jeremiah is one of the prophets who makes it clear that the ten tribes late in the history are going to Israel where they are fusing together with the Jews. That will take place in a very great Israel which comprices big deals of its neighbour nations. “In the latter days you shall consider it. At the same time, says the Lord, will I be the God of all the families of Israel (the twelve), and they shall be my people.” Jer.30,24-31,1. It is not the Jews God is talking to here, but Ephraim – which is one of the designations of the ten tribes. (God never calls the Jews by the name Ephraim). “Is Ephraim still my dear son, a child in whom I delight? As often as I turn my back on him I still remember him.” 31,20.

When the time draws near when their home-coming is going to take place, chosen people will go up in the mountains in the lands where the Israelites are living. “A day will come when the watchmen on Ephraim’s hills cry out, Come, let us go up to Zion, to the Lord our God.” 31,6. Why are they shouting from the mountains? Of course because when that time comes, this is a very dangerous message which can cause the death of these chosen men.

According to Jeremiah the ten tribes mostly are living in the northern parts of the world, when this time comes: “See how I bring them from the land of the north …” 31,8. This God is saying to Ephraim, the ten tribes. “Go and proclaim this message to the north … In those days Judah shall join Israel, and together they shall come from a northern land into the land I gave their fathers as their patrimony.” Jer.3,12.18.

This last journy home will be far more glorious than the escape from Egypt, see Jer.16,14-15.

I have before through Biblical prophecies stated that the greatest part of the ten tribes through the times wandered northward in Europe. Since that the Europeans have spread to all continents.


Hosea makes it clear that a great apostasy is taking place among them in those days. God mentiones a lot of sins that are spesific to our continent in our time, when he addresses this people: “The Lord has a charge to bring against the people of the land: There is no good faith or mutual trust, no knowledge of God in the land, oaths are imposed and broken, they kill and rob; there is nothing but adultery and violence, one deed of blood after another.” Hos.4,1-2. God will punish these peoples for all their sins: “The land shall be dried up, and all who live in it shall pine away, and with them the wild beasts and the birds of the air; even the fish shall be swept from the sea.” verse 3-4. This is exactly what happens to our part of the world today. Lots of living creatures are being wiped out.

Hosea makes it clear that his prophecies are pointing to the end of time: “The Israelites shall live many a long day without king or prince (the Messiah) … but after that they will again seek the Lord their God and David their king (Jesus), and turn anxiously to the Lord for his bounty in the latter days.” 3,5.

Hosea further on tells us what is taking place with these peoples at the last time of history: “Ephraim, he has mixed himself among the people.” Hos.7,8. Here Hosea hit the bull’s eye. If it is something that really is happening today, is it that different people are mixing with each other. The Schengen agreement forces the European countries to let great multitudes of foreign people come into their lands. “Foreigners fed on his strength, but he was unaware.” 7,8. The ten tribes are so naive that they do not realize the danger in mixing with other cultures. “Ephraim is a silly senseless pigeon …” 7,11.

As God gradually are leaving our peoples, we are going to be hit by bigger and bigger problems. “Woe to them indeed when I turn away from them … Their honour shall fly away … no childbirth, no fruitful womb, no conceiving; even if they rear their children, I will make them childless, without posterity … Give them a womb that miscarries and dry breasts.” 9,12.11.14. “They shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase …” 4,10.

How horrible it is to experience how these prophecies are being fulfilled among the Europeans and their descendants in these days. Involuntary childlessness is an increasing problem. Artificial insemination is increasing. Too early deliveries are also increasing. Whore is a sin that is destroying people. And when whore increases, the fertility is sinking. It is like the prophet said: “They shal commit whoredom, and shall not increase …”

We can all see that a great catastrophe soon will hit the Western world because our peoples are giving birth to a much too small number of children.

God led more than 3000 years ago Jacob and his descendants to Egypt, because of a famine catastrophe. The same thing is going to hit Ephraim’s countries just before their returning to Israel. “Ephraim shall be laid waste.” 5,9. Wars are coming: “As an eagle the enemy is coming against the house of the Lord, because they have transgressed my covenant … an my law.” 8,1. “The peoples shall mass against them in hordes for their … shame.” 10,10.

The descendants of the ten tribes have been rulers of the world. They have often lived in abundance and have trodden down other peoples. But at last the punishment will hit them and they loose their splendour. “Israel is now swallowed up, lost among the nations, a worthless nothing.” 8,8. “My God shall reject them, because they have not listened to him, AND THEY SHALL BECOME WANDERERS AMONG THE NATIONS.” 9,17.

This is the reason why the ten tribes are going to travel back to Israel – namely that they are loosing their homelands. We see the beginning of this tragedy today. Our countries are invaded by violent and dangerous peoples who already today are showing that they are a threat to us. And what is very special is that this is the exact same peoples as those who are threatening Israel’s existence.

To be continued.


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