The rise and fall of Europe.


If the Europeans had known who they are, they would never have welcomed the Arabs to Europe.

For 2700 years the ten lost tribes have been hidden to the world.  Psalm 83,3 (King James version) mentions a people who is designated as “thy hidden ones”.  

“Thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against THY HIDDEN ONES.” (Verse 2-3.)

Neither the world nor the ten tribes themselves know in this period of time, who these hidden people are. But God knows it:

“I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hid from me …” (Hos.5,3.) 

The rest of Psalm 83 contains a tremendous interesting and very sinister prophecy, which in fact is being fulfilled right in front of the world today. In the time which this prophecy points to, the worst enemies of these hidden peoples are making terrible plans against them.

“They devise cunning schemes against thy people and conspire against those thou hast made thy treasure (thy hidden ones): come, away with them, they cry, `let them be a nation no longer, let Israel´s name be remembered no more. With one mind they have agreed together to make a league against thee.” (Verse 4-6.) 

Who are these people who are making secret plans against the ten hidden tribes, while their identity is unknown? Asaf, who has written Psalm 83, discloses them as descendants of Edom, Ishmael, Moab, Hagar, Gebal, Ammon, Amalek, Philistia, the citizens of Tyre and Asshur, verse 7-9.

 Ammon and Moab (the two sons of Lot), and Edom (Esau, the brother of Jacob) lived in ancient times in regions which today belong to Jordan. Ishmael, the son Abraham got with Hagar, got twelve sons who settled down around in Arabia. Gebal was a region between The Dead Sea and the town Petra (in Jordan). 

 In Arabic tradition Amalek was the oldest tribe in Arabia and the first founder of Medina in Saudi Arabia. The Philistines lived in the Southern part of the coast of Palestine. They called their land Pelasat, a designation on which the later name Palestine is built. The name could indicate that the Philistines were the ancestors of todays´  Palestinians. Tyre was situated in a region, which today is in Lebanon. And Asshur is Iraq.

All these people were neighbour nations of ancient Israel. In the time when the identity of the ten tribes is hidden, the descendants of these people shall “devise cunning schemes against them”.  What is really astonishing is that when the mentioned Arabic people are making these terrible plans against the Israelites, they in fact necessarily have to know their identity. For Psalm 83 shows that they are pointing them out to be Israelites. It is this relationship which is the cause of their plans of annihilating them. 

Islam´s religious leaders are using their whole lives of the studying of the Quran. And since they know that Islam is built upon both Judaism and Christianity, they of course are studying the Bible too. Psalm 83 indicates that some of Islam´s greatest leaders in fact must have uncovered the secret, which is hidden in a lot of Biblical prophecies – namely that parts of the Europeans must be descendants of Jacob. For they say: “Come, away with them, let them be a nation no longer, let Israel´s name be remembered no more.”

It in fact is very strange that such a vast number of Arabic Muslims are streaming into the Christian nations in these days. Most of them hate the Christian God and our culture. Many of them also hate the peoples to whom they are immigrating – and whose nations they try to destabilize. Psalm 83 describes exactly what is going on:

“With one mind they have agreed together to make a league against thee … they said, `We will seize for ourselves all the pastures of God´s people.” (verse 5.12.)

Of course does not the common Muslim know that a great deal of the Europeans are related to the ten tribes. But some of their great leaders do know it, in the light of what Psalm 83 tells us. In fact are the Biblical prophecies, which make this clear, so distinct, that it is a shame that neither the Christians nor the Jews have discovered it.  But some Muslims must have found it out.

The Biblical prophecies foretell that the Jews and the ten tribes at last are going to defeat the neighbour nations of Israel. Thereafter are they going to establish a vast Israel, which includes great parts of these nations´ territories.  Besides the Bible tells that Egypt, Iraq and parts of Iran are going to convert to Israel´s God in the end time. 

There is only one way for the Arabs to prevent this to happen, namely to destroy all the descendants of Jacob, Abraham´s grandchild.

According to Psalm 83 the most important Muslim leaders´ intentions are to annihilate the Europeans. They will of course have our territories. But their main intention is to annihilate the Europeans. That is what Psalm 83 tells us. It really is about high time we understand these terrible Biblical warnings.


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